We want you to shop with confidence, so we pledge to have the cheapest prices you would have seen for both EVRE LTD & CosmoGrill products. If you find a particular product cheaper on any Marketplace(s) then please reach out to us with a picture of this. We will then refund the difference once you purchase the exact same product from cosmogrill.com.

The best price guarantee is only valid on products sold by CosmoGrill, Evre LTD or an approved re-seller of our products. If you would like to confirm if a particular seller is on our approved list then please inquire about this with our Customer Services.

This guarantee is only valid on the product prices and does not include any applicable shipping charges.

This guarantee is not valid if a particular Marketplace(s) are running their own promotions, such as specific discount codes, which would subsequently discount prices as this would be independent of any of our promotions. We do however, continuously monitor prices on third party Marketplaces in the aim of price matching or beating their prices by automatically updating our prices, where possible. This is the case even if said Marketplaces are running their own promotions.

Please shop with us with confidence, our Customers are our priority and we will always try our best to ensure that you are getting the best value when shopping on evre.co.uk.