As the holiday season approaches, the atmosphere is filled with cheer, and the streets are adorned with twinkling lights. But at the heart of every festive home, there's one iconic symbol that truly captures the spirit of Christmas—the Christmas tree.

In this blog, we'll unwrap the type of Christmas tree, decorations, and favorite/replaceable tree stand to cherish the traditions that make it a centerpiece of celebration around the world.

The Roots of the Christmas Tree Tradition

The history of the Christmas tree is as rich and diverse as the cultures that have embraced it. Dive into the past and explore the origins of this beloved tradition. The pagan tradition of bringing evergreen branches indoors during winter festivals as a symbol of hope and renewal. The Royal Connection - Queen Victoria and Prince Albert popularized the Christmas tree in the 19th century.

How to Choose Your Perfect Christmas Tree

A big decision to be made, especially when there is such a variety of trees in today's world that will last for many christmas' to come. As a general direction when choosing your tree it can be daunting seeing prelit, various colours, different in built decorations and more. Let's use our range for an example today, we really pride ourselves on selling beautiful natural looking Christmas Trees this gives you a perfect base for bringing the outdoors in while giving you the flexibility to decorate and create memorable moments to your liking. See below for more on this as well as things to make sure you do when choosing and putting up your tree at home to make sure it looks amazing right through the festive period!

EVRE Evergreen Artificial Christmas Tree

Environmentally-friendly high-quality PVC provides a natural and full-looking tree backed by our guarantee of being the bushiest in the market for emphasizing the beauty of nature indoors to truly make a realistic impression indoors and with guests this winter. Completely customizable to your preference, each tip can be individually extended and bent for a thinner look also further adding to the ornament that can be hung and still get the full fluffy look.

EVRE Pine Cones & Berries Artificial Christmas Tree

Made from Eco-friendly high-quality PVC to provide a natural and full-looking tree. Fully customizable to your preference, each tip can be individually extended and bent for a fuller or thinner look. The included brown hued pine cones and red berries make a perfect contrast to the green to give a true resemblance with enough flexibility to further enrich the presentation of your tree with decorations, Christmas tinsels and LED lights while not forgetting the natural source of the Christmas Tree which is the outdoors and all that comes with it.


EVRE Brunswick Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Seamlessly blending realism, convenience and durability. Its lifelike appearance, crafted from premium materials, provides a festive backdrop for easy decorating. With minimal setup required, the self-extending tips enable quick assembly, ensuring you spend less time on setting up and more on creating holiday memories. If your after something as close as realistic looking as possible this would be your best option.

EVRE Snow White Christmas Tree With Pine Cones & Berries

A snow-dusted Christmas tree adds a touch of winter magic to your holiday decor, bringing the serene beauty of freshly fallen snow indoors. The gentle dusting of faux snow on the branches creates a picturesque and festive atmosphere, evoking the charm of a winter wonderland. This enchanting feature enhances the tree's visual appeal and provides a unique, elegant backdrop for your ornaments and lights. With a snow-dusted Christmas tree, you can effortlessly capture the cozy and timeless ambiance of the season, making it a perfect choice to infuse your home with holiday warmth and joy.

Christmas trees play a big part in our favorite festive traditions. We decorate, open gifts, and celebrate with friends and family around the tree. It’s important to have one that not only suits your style but also stands tall season after season. Choosing the right Christmas tree is key to creating the perfect festive atmosphere. Opt for an environmentally-friendly high-quality PVC tree that's fully customizable, offering a natural and full appearance. The self-extending tips allow for quick assembly, emphasizing a lifelike, bushy look. Brown-hued pine cones and red berries add a natural touch, providing an ideal backdrop for decorations. Whether you prefer a snow-dusted tree for winter magic or a customizable PVC tree, making the right choice ensures a festive and joyous holiday season.


Which size?

Artificial Christmas trees come in various sizes and shapes. To narrow your options, choose a spot to determine if you have space for a small or tall Christmas tree.

A good rule of thumb is to have at least 6 inches between the top of your tree and the ceiling. This also accounts for a topper or any decorative stand that adds height to the tree. So, if you have the standard 9-foot ceiling and a 12-inch angel topper, you’d want a 7.5-foot Christmas tree. We measure our trees from the stand to the topmost tip.

Under 4 Feet
There are no rules when it comes to decorating with small Christmas trees, so get creative! Miniature trees for tabletops, bedrooms, kid’s rooms, kitchen counters, and small spaces.

Under 5 Feet
Designed for smaller living areas. Christmas trees can be easily placed on a worktop, or tucked into a room corner, creating a festive feel without taking up lots of room.

Under 6 Feet
Perfect for homes with low ceilings. Place it in the center of a large room or in a cozy corner to command attention. In the Family Room where you spend a lot of quality time with loved ones and where many memories are made.

Under 7 Feet
The best size for standard 8- to 9-foot ceilings. A corner near the sitting area or even the center of the room makes excellent Christmas tree placements to help create a cozy and cheery ambiance.

Under 8 Feet
Ideal for rooms with high ceilings. By the windows – Homes with high ceilings and wide windows allow plenty of light to showcase the natural silhouette of your tree.

In conclusion, as you embark on the journey of selecting the perfect Christmas tree, whether you choose another or EVRE's collection for its environmentally-friendly high-quality PVC options, ranging from the Evergreen to the Snow White Christmas Tree with Pine Cones & Berries. We emphasize both customization and durability, while capturing the essence of the tradition but also a seamless blend of realism and environmental consciousness to pick the best options available to beautifully adorn your setting.

Rahul Sobhraj