Our latest blog post is your go-to source for all things care and maintenance; Your furniture set maybe durable and sturdy but with all great items come a responsibility. Dive into the world of product longevity and discover the essential tips and tricks to preserve your furniture. From low-maintenance gems to those needing a bit more TLC, we've got you covered.


Why is cleaning so important?

All rattan is weather-resistant and relatively easy to clean and maintain, but as with any well-made furniture, a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) goes a long way. Here are a few wicker furniture care tips that will help your furniture look its best throughout its long life.

As a woven material, cane or plastic rattan makes beautiful furniture; keep it that way by learning how to clean it safely.

It's essential to clean at the start of the gardening season. Never forget untreated rattan needs to be handled with care. Maintain it regularly by sparingly applying a homemade emulsion of linseed oil and a splash of turpentine. This keeps the rattan weave flexible and protected but most importantly handleable and shiny.

Your woven rattan furniture should not be left in the garden unprotected over winter; otherwise, you risk discoloration, cracking, and brittleness, this includes poly rattan furniture too. It's always best to clean your furniture set at the end of the gardening season by wiping with a damp cloth, letting it dry completely, then putting it away in a dry location or using a breathable, weatherproof cover to ensure it’s safe keeping. While you're here why not take a look at ours by clicking here? We use 600D breathable oxford fabric which is the best in the market to ensure the optimum performance and protection.

Steps to a pristine look:

  1. Use a handheld vacuum or a brush attachment to remove loose dust and soil.
  2. Use a toothbrush, cocktail stick, or any other fine tool to remove stubborn soil or debris focusing between the gaps of the weave too.
  3. Using a damp cloth with a non-abrasive solution wipe your set down.
  4. Wipe down fully with a dry cloth ensuring no liquid remains
  5. Be sure to focus on crevices.
  6. Place the furniture in a well-ventilated area and allow it to dry thoroughly.

 Avoiding sun exposure:

The second key to garden furniture protection is minimizing its exposure to the sun's harmful UV radiation. The same energy that can give you a sunburn can bleach or even weaken the material of your garden furniture. This is especially true for synthetic, plastic-based materials but holds true even for natural rattan. Always keep your set covered when not in use and be sure to store in a shaded area if possible.


There will inevitably be one part of your garden, patio, or outdoor space that receives more sun or weather variables than other areas. If your furniture is in this spot, these factors can contribute to some pieces of your furniture getting more wear than others. By simply rotating the positions of the pieces in the set, like the tyres on your car, can greatly help them wear evenly and extend the life of the set for those memories to come.

Dry those spills:


You're probably wondering how did the neighbours furniture last so long? Liquids are enemy number one. If any spills occur, clean it immediately and dry with a cloth. Nothing more should be needed and remember the frame is made of metal, there should not normally be any permanent staining on the covers but a quick gentle hand wash will rectify any mishaps, further details are below.


Why storage is key:

Winter is a relentless season with heavy snow, freezing temperatures, and very unpredictable snowstorms. The harsh weather is especially detrimental for your rattan furniture. Take yourself as an example being left outside, the constant snow and hail can weaken the quality of your furniture like it would make you ill. To keep your furniture in perfect condition, you should store them away during the winter months when they are not in use.

This however does not mean it can be forgotten once stored, regular airing is also essential to prevent mould and rusting when in extended storage prior to use next season. This is because any left over dirt actually retains extra moisture, or if not dried properly when the furniture is stored directly, without the post-care. In addition to freezing temperatures and damp or unventilated storage spaces will allow, moisture to get inside or become trapped by the cover causing liquid contact resulting in the above.

Cover, cover, cover!

We've said it before and we'll say it again: The most effective way to keep your garden furniture looking beautiful is to cover it, both during the winter months and whenever rain is expected. After cleaning and stacking your furniture, covering it well will help keep it in good condition for next spring. But before covering, make sure they are sufficiently dry and remove all cushions and pillows for storage.

Your patio furniture cover should be made of UV-resistant, mildew- and moisture-resistant material and come with ties to hold it in place. When using furniture covers, make sure they are tied securely and lift the legs of chairs and tables off the floor to allow for air circulation. To do this, you can place a board on the floor and place the legs of your furniture on it.

Keep those cushions indoors:

Most outdoor rattan furniture cushions are 'showerproof', not 'waterproof'. This means that if they are allowed to become sodden, they can become moldy or discolored if left out for long, especially in cold weather. It's best to store your cushions inside in a cool, dry place. We also have a variety of colorful outdoor cushion options too! Whether to add a flair to outdoors furniture or support yourself click here to see the range.

If at anytime you need further advice, support or have questions. Please do contact the Customer Support Team by clicking here and we'll be glad to help. If you have one of your furniture sets you can also take a look at FAQ page for common related product questions.

Rahul Sobhraj